Founder Coreea Allen is a graduate of the prestigious Charleston School of Protocol & Etiquette in Charleston, South Carolina. She holds a Bachelor's Degree of Mass Communications from Johnson C. Smith University and Masters in Counseling Psychology from  Howard University. 

P.R.E.P means Potential/Purpose/Power Reached on Every Path. McCoppin P.R.E.P was established to guide individuals in the art of social, dining and personal excellence. 

Having integrity, respect and value for people while making others feel at ease are good practices in society.
It takes only seven seconds to make a first impression.  Are you making the best impression possible? The impression you make influences people's decision to do business with you or give you promotions and invest time in you. Usually, there is no second chance to make a good first impression.

All business professionals can profit from our etiquette training - college graduates to senior executives, employees with large, multi-national corporations to sole-owner entrepreneurs. When you discover the best version of yourself it is the ultimate light bulb moment or as we say at  McCoppin Prep “Aha” moment.

 Realizing the power your possess can be monumental in your attitude.  Social graces may appear to be a lost art form, but knowing what to do and when to do it, can be your golden ticket. These skills will build self-confidence and help you reach your full potential. Coreea’s passion was discovered while in college.

As Miss Johnson C. Smith University 2005-2006, she realized the importance of preparation and self-assurance. Being confident and equipped sets you apart and takes you further than average. In today's world competition is fierce and landing your dream job or getting into your top school can be harder than ever before. Those who possess the "It Factor" or social skills that are well developed and polished, will stand out in the crowd and have a big leg up on their peers.