Dating 101

Dating 101 is designed for both men and women who want help on the dating scene. Eight two percent of single Americans say they have been on at least two terrible dates. When it comes to dating, most of us worry about the wrong things: Snapping pictures of your food for Instagram. Asking the other persons income. Checking Facebook post or going live on Snap chat, talking very little or not at all. The result: your attempt or ,lack thereof, to make a good impression goes terribly wrong.  This program is designed to help you relax and be engaged in the moment. Exposing the best side of yourself while leaving nice impression of who you actually are. The class covers the following topics: 


Art of conversation

Date ideas

Date preparation

*Dining etiquette (additional fee)

This will be interactive and can be personalized to fit your specific needs. The program is 4 hours in duration and will be conducted in two 2 hour sessions. This is an investment of $450.00