Professional Prestige Academy

 This program includes handouts and certificate of completion. Perfect for college students or seasoned professionals. Group rates available.

Sixty percent of business takes place outside of the office. You have the education, dedication, and skills. Now is time to gain the polish you need to meet your professional goals.  Your attitude is reflective of the value and the belief system you have about yourself and others. These facts are directly tied into your self-awareness and will impact how successful you are in relationship professionally. Invest in skills that will give you the cutting edge needed to succeed!  This program covers the following topics:

Positive Perception
Professional Style

Technology Etiquette
Networking Etiquette
Business Card Protocol
Proper introductions
Name and Titles
Meeting Etiquette
The Skill of Listening
The Skill of Speaking and more

*Customization offered to fit your personal or organizational needs.