If you would like to see this program at your child's school or after school program have them contact me today.

Junior PREP Academy (9-14 years of age)

Every child deserves a chance at success. Good etiquette training will take a child much further than a child without it. Most will agree, it is unfair to send a child into social situations, whether it be to someone house, a birthday party, or to a new school where they feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Confidence comes from the self-assurance of the knowing one is prepared to accomplish a set goals or obstacles. Investing in your child’s confidence and attitude will be one of the best investments you will ever make. This a fun interactive programs that can be taught in your home, country club, girl scouts/boy scouts meeting or in your school. Some of the benefits your child will receive are:

Proper Introductions

 Proper titles

Proper handshake 

How to dine

 Being courteous and much more.

A certificate will be granted in the last workshop. Contact for rates.